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The Audit and Inspections Division reviewed Health and Human Services Commission Information Technology section to determine if delays in communicating enrollee information from the Medicaid for Pregnant Women pr

The Investigations & Reviews (I&R) Division continues to receive hotline referrals and managed care organization referrals related to personal care attendants.

The OIG continues to prioritize formal discussions with the Texas Medicaid and CHIP MCOs through the Texas Fraud Prevention Partnership (TFPP).

OIG Third Party Recoveries (TPR) collaborated with HHS and Texas Medicaid’s claims administrator on implementation of the following initiatives to help improve MCOs’ performance of Third-Party Liability activitie

The OIG conducted an inspection of mental health targeted case management and mental health rehabilitative services in managed care.

The OIG conducted an audit of Community Options, Inc.

Recognizing that prevention is a key part of its mission, the OIG initiated a formal process to enhance the OIG Prevention Strategy.

Throughout fiscal year 2021 (FY 21), the OIG collaborated with law enforcement agencies across Texas to arrest and successfully prosecute individuals who seek to defraud state health and human services.

The OIG Audit Division conducted an audit of special investigative unit (SIU) activities at Aetna Better Health of Texas, a Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program managed care organization.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) published its fourth quarterly report for fiscal year 2021. The report summarizes the excellent work performed by the OIG during the past four quarters.