OIG releases third quarter recoveries

The Office of Inspector General published its third quarterly report for fiscal year 2024, with performance metrics, case summaries and agency highlights. The report shows OIG teams recovered more than $140.2 million and identified more than $275.5 million in potential future recoveries. Additionally, the OIG saved Texas taxpayers more than $49.5 million through cost-avoidance measures.

The OIG Quarterly Report highlights recent audits, inspections and investigations that allow readers to see specific examples of how the agency protects public funds appropriated to Texas Health and Human Services programs. From $1.6 million recovered from a Fort Worth pharmacy that billed Medicaid for more prescription drugs than it purchased to $12,500 recovered from an Abilene SNAP client who concealed her household income to receive benefits, every example tells of the agency’s efforts to protect HHS program integrity.

The publication also highlights oversight initiatives to improve the detection and deterrence of fraud, waste and abuse involving providers, clients, retailers, and state employees and contractors. To conclude the report, the OIG In Focus discusses the agency’s role in excluding certain providers from participating in Medicaid.

Current and previous quarterly reports are available here. The OIG will publish the next quarterly report in September.