Provider Reinstatement Procedure

Reinstatement of excluded entities and individuals is not automatic. Those wishing to again participate in the Title V (Maternal & Child Health Services), Title XIX (Medicaid) and the Title XX (Block Grants for Social Services) and other HHS programs must request reinstatement and receive a certified letter from the Texas Health and Human Services Inspector General granting reinstatement.

Obtaining a provider number from a Medicare contractor, a Medicaid contractor, or a federal health care program does not reinstate eligibility to participate in these programs. There are no provisions for early or retroactive reinstatement.

Upon written request to the Commission at the address listed below, the Commission will provide a written notification indicating the final decision pertaining to the reinstatement request. When requesting reinstatement include documentation and/or proof that the Commission may review to reasonably determine that the violation(s) that led to your exclusion will not reoccur. Provide a copy of the complete Reinstatement Order from the appropriate Board and/or a copy of the Reinstatement letter from HHS Inspector General (Medicare) program.

If reinstatement is denied the excluded party is eligible to reapply after all stipulations required by the Commission are met.

Reinstatement request form (PDF)

To apply for reinstatement, mail your request to:

Texas Health & Human Services Commission
Office of Inspector General
Sanctions Section: MC 1358
P.O. Box 85200
Austin, TX 78708