Building a career with the OIG

The OIG is a dedicated team, committed to providing Texans with confidence that their taxpayer dollars are being used efficiently and appropriately for Texas health and human services programs.

These programs are designed to assist Texans in need by providing health care, nutritious food and essential services. Most participants use the programs properly, whether for a family needing medical attention or a grocer participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); however, there are some who attempt to defraud HHS programs.

The OIG’s primary tool for detecting, deterring and preventing fraud, waste and abuse is the team of approximately 600 employees who conduct audits, investigations, inspections and reviews. With the broad scope of HHS programs, the OIG needs candidates from a wide variety of disciplines, including investigators, auditors, data analysts, nurses, actuaries, attorneys, peace officers and medical experts, among others.

Along with a competitive salary, state employees have access to a fully paid health insurance plan and optional coverage for dependents, with the cost split between the employee and the state. Retirement plans include access to private retirement savings plans and Social Security payments for your post-career future.

OIG employees are also provided with paid vacation time, paid sick leave and paid holidays. Depending on the position, employees may request telework, flex schedules and compressed workweeks to pursue life goals. Employees are also encouraged to expand their skill set with leave programs to participate in training, higher education and military service.

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