SNAP Skimming Resources

What is SNAP skimming?

Recently, criminals have started skimming data from the EBT cards used by SNAP clients. While credit card skimming, especially related to fuel purchases, has been around for some time, EBT card skimming is a relatively new phenomenon. The first incident of EBT card skimming in Texas was reported to the OIG in February 2022.

Perpetrators place skimming devices on the retailers’ credit card terminals. Individuals posing as legitimate patrons usually accomplish this during public store hours. The skimmed data is transmitted remotely and then placed on a cloned magnetic swipe card. The stolen information is used to purchase goods from other stores, often in another state. The purchased goods tend to be items that can be resold for cash.

What is the impact of SNAP skimming?

The amount skimmed usually represents most, if not all, of the victim’s monthly benefit amount. The impact on the individual or household is tremendous. SNAP benefits often account for a large percentage of participants’ grocery budgets, leaving victims struggling to afford food for themselves and their families.

Victims must contact HHS Lone Star Card Help Desk to have their card canceled and replaced. Currently, there is no means to reimburse victims for the lost benefits, but a framework is being developed to replace certain benefits stolen Oct. 1, 2022, through Sept. 30, 2024, using federal funds. 


What should you look for?

Card skimmers often look like part of the card reader, making them difficult to detect, but clients and retailers can identify the devices by looking for the following:

  • Evidence of loose pieces that have been glued or tapped in place
  • Places where a video camera may face the card reader or PIN pad of a register
  • Number keys that feel soft, spongy or covered in plastic


Who should you tell?

If you encounter a suspicious device immediately notify store management and local law enforcement. 

If you believe your SNAP benefits have been stolen or that your EBT Card (Lone Star card) has been compromised, immediately contact HHS Card Services at 800-777-7328 to cancel the card. A new card should arrive in the mail within seven days, allowing clients to access their balance. After canceling their cards, SNAP clients are encouraged to report the incident to the OIG. Call 800-436-6184 or use the red "Report Fraud" button above.



You can help your fellow Texans by sharing information about this growing crime. Below are some resources to help!





  •  Skimming Alert Poster (Download our printable poster to display at your store or community center.)

    Skimming Poster


  •  Social Media Post (Identifying Skimmers)

    Identifying Skimmers Graphic

    Card skimmers are becoming more advanced. Beware of added pieces, soft or spongy number keys, or cameras facing the pin pad. Report suspicious devices immediately! Link:


  • Social Media Post (For Retail Associations)

    Skimming Graphic for Retailers

    Do you accept SNAP benefits at your store? If so, thieves may be targeting your point-of-sale devices. Link:


  • Social Media Post (For SNAP Clients)

    Skimming Graphic for Clients

    If you use SNAP benefits, thieves are targeting you! Check the card reader for added pieces, soft or spongy number keys, or cameras facing the pin pad. Link: