December 2017


Audit of Gaddy Enterprises: A Durable Medical Equipment Provider
The audit evaluated whether fee-for-service claims for incontinence supplies paid with Medicaid funds were billed in accordance with state laws, regulations, and program requirements.  Test results indicated no exceptions. Issued December 20, 2017.

November 2017


Joint OIG-MFCU Report
The Joint Annual Report on Fraud and Abuse in Medicaid, compiled by IG and the Attorney General's Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, for fiscal year 2017.


Audit of HALO-Flight: A Texas Air Ambulance Provider
The audit evaluated HALO-Flight fee-for-service claims for air ambulance services were billed in accordance with state laws, regulations, and the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual.  Results indicated no exceptions for the claims tested.  Issued November 15, 2017.

October 2017


Audit of Providence Memorial Hospital Cost Report: Fiscal Year 2014
The audit objective was to determine whether the amounts in the capitalization and moveable equipment cost centers reported on the Providence Memorial Hospital cost report were accurate, allowable, and adequately supported according to CMS and state requirements. Issued October 31, 2017.


Treasury Offset Program
This report details the inspection of procedures to maximize recovery of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program overpayments through the Treasury Offset Program. Issued October 20, 2017.

Issue Briefs

Issue Brief: Value-Based Payments
This issue brief provides an overview of value-based payments, which are structured to incentivize providers to delivery quality care in the most cost-effective manner.