The OIG is committed to transparency in our work, stewarding Texas taxpayer dollars, and collaborating to prevent fraud, waste and abuse in health care delivery.  Below you'll find links to a variety of topics and more.

  • Providers: Resources available include links to COVID-19 information and how it relates to OIG deadlines; Medicaid compliance; provider enrollment and reinstatement; and advisories to help you prevent fraud, waste and abuse in your practice and identify it in clients.
  • MCOs: Resources available include links to COVID-19 information; the OIG's Rolling Audit and Inspections Plan; and details for submitting claims deliverables.
  • Clients: Resources available include links to benefits information; benefits application guide; fraud, waste and abuse prevention information for SNAP, dental and attendant care services.
  • SNAP Skimming: Resources include information on preventing the theft of account information from Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards or the Lone Star Card while accessing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program funds at a retail location.